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Lafayette, LA

Reliable & Qualified Luxury Home Builders and Renovators

Brian Guidry Custom Homes are trusted and dependable custom home builders and remodelers. We are more than builders: We are passionate about the beautiful and high-end homes and communities we help to create. At Brian Guidry Custom Homes, we specialize in luxury home building, remodeling and renovations, and interior design. Know that, in working with us, we will be by your side every step of the way. From choosing your flooring to customizing your kitchen fixtures, our team is here to help make your vision a reality. We pride ourselves on our meticulous and high-quality work and strive to cater to all of your needs. Our commitment to our clients and our craft is unprecedented, as seen through the excellent reputation we have built over the years. We have proudly earned the reputation of high-quality and premier custom builders in the Lafayette area.

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Since 1992

Our history

Lafayette, LA, builder Brian Guidry started Brian Guidry Custom Homes in 1992. What began as a small remodeling business has grown over the years into a full-service custom building and remodeling company. Brian Guidry Custom Homes is a reputable and reliable construction and design company in its 25th year of serving the Lafayette community. Brian has over 30 years’ experience in his field and prides himself on the reliable and exemplary reputation he has built over the years. He is passionate about working not only with his longtime clients, but also new homeowners looking to build their first luxury home. Since its inception, Brian Guidry Custom Homes has built and worked on over 100 houses in Lafayette, LA, and beyond. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of building, remodeling, and renovating, and brings his passion and knowledge to every project. Brian is supported by a knowledgeable and highly skilled team who share his same passion and outlook. He is proud of all the work they continue to bring to Lafayette-area families.

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