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Brian S. Guidry


Lafayette, LA

Custom Home Builders and Luxury Renovations

At Brian Guidry Custom Homes, we specialize in building and creating dream homes. We are a full-service design and build firm focused on new high-end home construction and premier custom remodeling. Our highly skilled team brings years of experience and knowledge to every build and remodeling project, ensuring quality and innovative results. You can trust that our expert and experienced team will execute your visions and fulfill your needs with our expert craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. Working closely with each of our valued clients, we pride ourselves on making dreams a reality. Our quality workmanship and hands-on supervision means we are the perfect choice for all your home building and remodeling needs. Whether you are building a new house in Lafayette, LA, or looking to add luxury and custom renovations to your home, our team will help create the dwelling of your dreams.

Dining table in kitchen

Highly Experienced

What we do at Brian Guidry Custom Homes

Our highly experienced team members are experts in building new homes, as well as remodeling and renovating interiors and exteriors. We build and remodel custom homes in the Lafayette, LA, area. In our building projects, we work hand in hand with you to craft your home from the ground up, taking into account all your requests and your desire to make your dream home a reality. Our remodeling and renovation services are just as personalized and specific to your needs and vision. Once your home is complete, we don’t stop there. Brian Guidry Custom Homes has creative and inspired interior designers who can help you to furnish and design each room in your new home. Rest assured, our personal and hands-on approach guarantees the results you want.

Large washroom with white bathtub

Design and Build

Our Specialties

  • Custom New Home Building: We help you to design and build your dream home. Our team will work closely with you to fulfill all your needs and work within your budget, creating the home that perfectly fits your family’s lifestyle.
  • Custom Remodeling and Renovations: Home remodeling and renovations are the perfect way to upgrade and add to your home. At Brian Guidry Custom Homes, we work with you to revitalize your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and more. Through our luxury renovations, you will discover the potential of your current house.
  • Interior Designers: We are committed to seeing your project through, from its foundation to its interior. Our creative team of interior designers will make your visions a reality, working meticulously with you to make sure every room looks and feels just right.

Our clients

We service families and individuals in and around the city of Lafayette, LA. If you are a new homeowner looking for a reliable and efficient team to build your high-end home, we are the perfect fit for you. If you are a current homeowner looking to remodel or renovate your home, our team can customize and create exactly what you need. From new to current homeowners, we work to build and remodel your custom house from the ground up.

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